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Life Insurance in Michigan

Life insurance is extremely beneficial for those who choose to purchase it. Policies normally take one of two specific forms, whole life and term. Michigan residents who live in Royal Oak, MI who are interested in learning more about each type of policy can talk to agents at the Atlas Insurance Agency. The agents can explain how each policy works and who should consider buying each one.

Protects Your Family Financially

A whole life policy pays out the full amount of the policy no matter how much has been paid into it. The goal of this type of policy is to keep your family financially secure if you pass away unexpectedly. When the breadwinner of the family is no longer able to provide, the family is at risk of losing their home and lifestyle. Having a whole life policy in place ensures they will have the financial means to live comfortably.

Covers Your Final Expenses

A term life policy is much different. The policy is written for a specific amount of time or term. If the policy is written for 10 years, it means that it will take that many monthly payments for it to mature and reach the desired amount. This type of policy is normally written to ensure that your debts and final expenses are paid for and don't fall on your family's shoulders.

In Royal Oak, MI, the agents of Atlas Insurance Agency are available to make sure you have the type of life insurance policy your family needs to remain financially secure. By calling and scheduling a consultation, you can protect your family if something happens to you. Visit an agent and see what information they can give you so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right policy.