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Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan

The Atlas Insurance Agency can answer all your Michigan motorcycle insurance questions to keep you safe on the road this year. We serve the community of Royal Oak, MI with quality coverage and are happy to clear up any questions you have about insurance for your motorcycle.

Common Questions About Motorcycle Coverage in Michigan:

  • Is a motorcycle helmet required in Michigan? Legally, a motorcyclist must meet certain conditions in order to not wear a helmet in the state of Michigan. First, the driver must be 21 years old, have medical benefits to a certain amount, and have two years of experience in driving a motorcycle or have passed a safety course.
  • Is motorcycle insurance coverage required? Yes, if you drive on public roads you need vehicle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is very affordable and easy to purchase though.
  • Do I need a special license to drive a motorcycle? You do not need a specific additional license to drive a motorcycle, but you do need an endorsement on your current driver's license. Because driving a motorcycle is not like driving a car, a motorcycle safety course is the best way to go to make sure you are safe on the road.
  • Should I keep coverage if I park my bike in the winter months? It is a personal choice if you want to reduce your coverage to lay-up insurance or keep full coverage for the months that you do not drive it. The key is that if you reduce your insurance to a policy that only covers parked damage, you cannot legally ride your bike until it is covered again.

Contact us at The Atlas Insurance Agency if you have any more motorcycle insurance coverage questions or if you are ready to purchase coverage. We serve Royal Oak, MI with quality insurance services for your whole life.