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Required Commercial Insurance in Michigan

Every state has its own rules about the types of commercial insurance that businesses are required to have. There are two required insurance policies in Michigan, but there are other policies that benefit small businesses. If you need commercial insurance, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan to talk to an agent.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

A workers’ compensation policy is required of all Michigan businesses that have at least one full-time employee. This policy is mandated by law, but it also benefits you and your workers. Suppose an employee should become sick or injured while at work, workers’ compensation will be there to pay for the medical bills. Without this insurance, you could face multiple lawsuits from sick or injured staff members who need their medical bills paid. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

The other mandatory commercial insurance policy for businesses is auto insurance. When any business owns a vehicle, it has to have a commercial policy. If a vehicle is used for business, personal auto insurance policies won’t cover it. And if the vehicle isn’t owned by the company itself but gets used for business reasons, personal auto insurance would likely not cover it. In that case, you need auto insurance called hired and non-owned. When your vehicles are covered properly, accidents that happen won’t sink your business due to its costs. 

Other Policies

There are other policies for businesses that are helpful but not required. Cyber liability insurance is needed if your business does a lot online or keeps data that could be breached. There is also business owners’ insurance that covers your general liability as well as commercial property insurance. 

Make Your Appointment

If you need insurance policies for your business, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan to make an appointment to speak with an agent. It may be one of the best things you ever do for your business.