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Why Does Your Business Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella coverage is not a standalone insurance policy. Instead, it acts as additional insurance to cover when your regular business insurance stops! Though most people think about needing umbrella insurance when you have expensive jewelry or artwork, you may want to consider getting some for your business. 

Here are some reasons why you should have umbrella insurance for your business. 

Your business could easily go bankrupt if you get sued. There are many businesses that deal with situations that put them in jeopardy regularly, such as lawyers, doctors, and other businesses. 

If you have a business that is dangerous, you are going to need to have extra insurance. Whether you are dealing with hazardous materials or your employees are in danger daily, you should have the extra protection that you need. 

You may work with other businesses that require you to have extra insurance. They may want to protect themselves before they go into business with you. 

If your employees drive, you are going to want the extra liability insurance, just in case. You need to protect your employees, their vehicles, and yours if your employees spend time on the road. 

You may even want to get umbrella insurance if you have customers come into your business. It doesn’t take much to go through your regular business policy. One fall could cost you thousands of dollars. If you don’t have extra money lying around, you should think about getting umbrella insurance. 

Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan is here to serve you.

If you want to make sure that your business is protected, you need to contact us today at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan. We would be glad to talk to you about your business to make sure that you have enough insurance to keep your doors open! 

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

A unique kind of insurance, umbrella insurance helps you to have more liability coverage for other policies. It’s a great way to have better protection against a wide range of accidents. If you’re interested in umbrella insurance, give us a call at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan.

Protection for Home Liability

If you own a home, you likely have a home insurance policy. That policy includes coverage for your liability in your home. If a third party were to come into your home and have an accident there, you could be held responsible for the medical bills. Your home insurance policy has coverage for your liability in these cases, but it’s usually a fairly low amount. With umbrella insurance, you get extra liability protection that is added to the amount in your home insurance policy.

Protection for Automotive Liability

Umbrella insurance works with your auto insurance just as it does with your home insurance. You are legally required in Michigan to have liability coverage in your auto insurance, but is it enough? Medical bills and property damage costs are at an all-time high. Medical bills can be especially steep. If you don’t have enough liability coverage in your auto insurance, you’re simply responsible for paying the overage. When you have umbrella insurance, there is liability insurance added to your auto policy.

How It Works

When someone has an accident with your vehicle or in your home, your auto or home insurance will pay for the resulting costs, but only up to its stated maximum. After that, your umbrella insurance steps in and takes care of the rest up to its own, very high maximum. This can save you from paying thousands for bills that result from an accident. 

Umbrella Insurance Policies

If you want to know more about umbrella insurance, give us a call at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan.