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When is the best time to review your home policy?

Home insurance is something that needs to be reviewed regularly. Your life doesn’t stay the same and your home insurance shouldn’t either, it needs to be updated. At Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, we take your insurance needs seriously and as independent insurance agents, we can do the work of finding the right carrier and policy for you. 

Most home insurance policies renew yearly. At the very least, you should review your policy yearly. When you get the new policy, it has a declaration page on the front. This is a synopsis of your policy all on one page. How much your replacement cost for your home is, your liability coverage, your deductible, and any endorsements you have added. It also lists your content coverage and with some digging, you should be able to figure out exactly what type of content coverage you have. 

Do the amounts of coverage that you have make sense with what you know about your home and your neighborhood? Does the liability coverage protect you with enough coverage? If you have added a dog to your family or have a pool, you may want to increase your liability coverage. Do you have teens who may make bad decisions? Extra liability is a good idea and maybe even an umbrella policy. 

If you have done repairs to your home that have increased its value or if you have added extra square footage, be sure that your insurance agent is aware of these changes. Some changes you make can save you money like adding a new roof, a home security system, or wired smoked detectors. Talking to your independent insurance agent about your home and your coverage will allow you to make necessary adjustments. 

Contact Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan when you are ready to review your home insurance coverage.