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Customize Your Home Insurance with Riders

When you purchase home insurance from Atlas Insurance Agency for your Southeast Michigan home, let us help you customize it to protect the special items you own with riders to your policy. These riders increase the amount of coverage in your policy for items like jewelry and business equipment.

Home Policy Riders to Protect Everything

The term rider refers to a clause added to your insurance policy to cover specific property or situations. Most types of insurance policies let you add riders, although the types of riders vary. The insurance industry offers seven common riders for home policies.

  • At-home business rider: Those who run a home-based business generating more than $2,000 of annual income add this rider to cover business equipment, such as computers, printers, or screen printing machines.
  • Earthquake/Hurricane coverage: These riders insure personal property damage from high-risk perils that can do wide-ranging damage. In some states, home insurance coverage doesn’t automatically cover these two named perils.
  • Identity theft rider: If your identity gets coopted by a criminal, this rider pays for the legal fees and experts to rectify the damage and restore your identity solely to yourself.
  • Pet damage rider: If your home business involves walking or keeping animals, such as a pet sitting service, this rider protects your home from damage the animals’ cause. If a dog pees on the carpet, for example, or a cat tears up the couch, this rider covers the cleaning or repairs.
  • Replacement cost rider: The typical insurance policy uses actual cash value to pay you for items damaged, stolen, or lost. That means your check covers the depreciated value, but this rider ensures that your insurance pays you the cost of replacing the damaged item with a new one.
  • Scheduled property rider: High-dollar items like an engagement ring benefit from this rider, which covers the expensive item’s full replacement cost.

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