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Is commercial insurance required by law in Southeast Michigan?

If you have a business in Southeast Michigan, you know how many risks you are facing. What if a storm cuts out power to your area, and you have to temporarily close? What if someone slips and falls on your property? 

There are an almost endless number of things that can go wrong, and insurance can help to protect you. At Atlas Insurance Agency, we can help explain your options and what kinds of commercial insurance are required.

Commercial Insurance Required By Law In Michigan

There are only two kinds of commercial insurance required by law in Michigan.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your small business uses any vehicles for business purposes, you must be able to show that you have commercial auto insurance. This applies even when employees use their personal vehicles for work-related purposes.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If your small business has one or more employees that work at least 35 hours per week, you probably need to carry workers compensation insurance. Failure to carry could result in a fine, but this insurance offers important protection in case one of your employees is injured at work.

Optional Commercial Insurance Coverage In Michigan

Several other kinds of insurance are vitally important for protecting your business. 

  • General liability insurance will protect you if someone is injured on your property or if your business is responsible for property damage.

  • Commercial property insurance protects the building where you operate and its contents, such as tools and inventory.

  • Professional liability insurance protects professionals when there are claims of errors or omissions in practice.
  • Product liability insurance protects your business if your product injures someone.

Need Insurance in Southeast Michigan?

These are just a few of the kinds of coverage you can get. Call Atlas Insurance Agency today, so we can help you tailor a policy that works best for you.

Protect Your Small Business With Commercial Insurance

Owning a small business in Southeast Michigan has its fair share of challenges and rewards. Investing in the right commercial insurance coverage is crucial to safeguarding your company’s future. At Atlas Insurance Agency, we understand the unique risks businesses face in our region and offer tailored solutions to protect your operation.

Safeguard Your Financial Stability

A single unexpected event can have a devastating impact on a small business’s financial stability. By investing in commercial insurance, you can protect your company from the financial burden of unforeseen incidents. With the right policy in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business will be able to recover quickly and continue to thrive, even in the face of adversity.

Enhance Your Professional Reputation

In addition to providing financial protection, having a comprehensive commercial insurance policy can also help enhance your company’s reputation in Southeast Michigan. Clients and customers often view businesses with proper insurance coverage as more reliable and trustworthy. By partnering with Atlas Insurance Agency, you can demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customers, employees, and assets, helping to build trust and foster lasting relationships.

Meet Legal and Contractual Requirements

Depending on your industry and location, you may be legally required to carry certain types of commercial insurance. Additionally, many contracts with clients or vendors may stipulate specific insurance requirements. Ensuring that your business has the appropriate coverage protects your company and helps you maintain compliance with these legal and contractual obligations.

Reach Out To Us

Commercial insurance is vital to any successful small business strategy in Southeast Michigan. At Atlas Insurance Agency, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you find the right coverage to protect your business and secure its future.

Contact us today to discuss your unique insurance needs and discover how we can help safeguard your company’s success.

What does commercial insurance cover?

Atlas Insurance Agency has been serving the Southeast Michigan area business owners with all their commercial insurance needs. We are here to answer all your related queries. 

What does commercial insurance cover?

Commercial insurance covers many of the same areas as personal insurance, but it also has a few key differences.

One of the major differences is that commercial insurance typically covers more than just personal property. For example, most types of commercial insurance cover business equipment, tools, and supplies – things like computers, manufacturing equipment, office furniture, etc. They may also cover buildings or vehicles that are used for business purposes.

Most commercial policies will also include liability coverage in case your business is ever sued for causing damage to someone else’s property or injuring an employee or customer. This coverage can be crucial for protecting you from costly lawsuits if anything goes wrong at your place of business.

A key difference between personal and commercial policies is the types of risks they cover. Personal insurance policies are typically designed to cover a wide range of possible scenarios, so their premiums tend to be higher. Commercial insurance policies, on the other hand, focus on specific risk areas and tend to have lower premiums as a result.

As you can see, commercial insurance provides protection for many of the same things as personal insurance – but with a few key differences. If your business is growing or changing in any way, it’s important to make sure that your coverage also changes accordingly. Consulting with an experienced commercial insurer can help ensure that you have all the coverage that you need for your particular situation.

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If you have any questions about commercial insurance or are interested in exploring your options, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency today. We proudly serve the Southeast Michigan area and would be glad to answer your questions.

Taking Control of Commercial Insurance: What to Consider

Commercial insurance is an essential part of most business operations and can provide high-quality protection that will keep you safe. Our team at Atlas Insurance Agency can help your Southeast Michigan business find a policy that suits its needs and ensure that you stay successful.

Commercial Insurance: What to Consider

Your Coverage

A typical commercial insurance policy covers things like liability protection and property damage that occur at your company. However, you may also expand it to cover your vehicles, protect your employees after getting injured, and cover damage to your property. It all depends on what your facility needs and the various steps that you’re willing to take to ensure that you have the best policy option.

Potential Limitations

While commercial insurance policies will typically cover accidents and other types of problematic situations, there are some things that it won’t cover. Chief among them is anything done purposefully or with criminal intent. For example, if you suffer financial hardship because you are attempting to commit a crime or performed an illegal activity, your commercial insurance policy will pay nothing.

Premiums and Deductibles

When buying a commercial insurance policy, you may have varying premiums and deductibles based on your needs. You can typically expand your coverage with umbrella policies or other add-ons that make your coverage more comprehensive. Note that every additional option you add will increase your premium cost. Talk to your provider about balancing these factors to ensure you don’t pay too much money.

You Can Find a Great Policy

If you think that your business needs a high-quality commercial policy, and you aren’t sure who can help you, let us know at Atlas Insurance Agency. Our team serves the Southeast Michigan area and can provide high-quality policies that will give you the protection that you need to keep your business strong.

Commercial Liability Insurance: An Introduction

As a business owner in Southeast Michigan, one of your main priorities should be protecting what you have worked so hard for. This is where the commercial liability insurance that Atlas Insurance Agency offers comes in. This kind of business insurance protects you and your company as you do business. Let’s get familiar with what commercial liability insurance is.

What Is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Immediately after opening the doors, a business owner will be responsible for the products and/or services offered. Any kind of mishap could lead to a potential lawsuit, resulting in significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Commercial liability insurance reduces the overall chance that you will lose personal assets or your business in the event of legal action. There are several different kinds of liability coverage that can extend this kind of protection to you.

General Liability Coverage

This type of insurance coverage from individuals outside of your operation, such as a customer pursuing a lawsuit due to slipping and falling on the property.

Professional Liability Coverage

Also commonly referred to as errors and omissions insurance, this type of coverage will cover legal-related issues that come from errors in the business, missed deadlines, or poor-quality workmanship.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

While some states do not require it, workers’ compensation can protect the financial interests of your company in the event an employee suffers an injury while on the job and decides to pursue legal action.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial liability insurance helps to ensure that you and your business aren’t held liable for legal-related expenses that result from business-related lawsuits. These expenses generally include costs associated with settling and litigating cases, as well as injury and accident damages.

When it comes to workers’ compensation coverage, you have the benefit of knowing that your staff members are protected and will receive the medical attention they need for any work-related injuries without having to worry about losing their position at your company or suing you. This is beneficial for both you as well as your employees.

When your Southeast Michigan business is in need of commercial insurance, you can rely on the team at Atlas Insurance Agency to help you obtain the coverage you need.

Michigan Commercial Insurance: What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

As a professional in Southeast Michigan, you may be looking for commercial insurance that is professional liability insurance. One important kind of professional liability insurance is errors and omissions insurance, or, E & O Insurance. This kind of insurance can be complex but generally protects you from any errors or omissions you might make when you are professionally serving clients or patients.

At Atlas Insurance Agency, we want Southeast Michigan professionals to feel protected against errors and omissions when they are at work.

Who is This Insurance For?

This insurance is for professionals that provide a service where an error or omission could be deadly or costly. The kinds of professionals that get this insurance include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals. 

In some cases, these professionals may make a mistake during the course of their work. That mistake could also be an omission.  This mistake could be disastrous and lead to a complaint or lawsuit. One lawsuit could cripple you, your career, and your entire future.

It won’t if you have commercial insurance that is errors and omissions protection.

What Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and omissions insurance covers problems that arise during the course of your professional duties. It could be negligence, an error you made during the course of your work, bad or incorrect advice, an omission, or a violation of good faith.

If any of these things happen, and you get sued, your E & O coverage in your commercial insurance policy will cover you. You may even win the case, but an E & O policy will help you get through it.

It’s a peace of mind policy when you are dealing with such important matters.

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At Atlas Insurance Agency we want professionals to feel secure when providing services to Southeast Michigan. Call us today for a quote when you are looking for commercial insurance.

Required Commercial Insurance in Michigan

Every state has its own rules about the types of commercial insurance that businesses are required to have. There are two required insurance policies in Michigan, but there are other policies that benefit small businesses. If you need commercial insurance, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan to talk to an agent.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

A workers’ compensation policy is required of all Michigan businesses that have at least one full-time employee. This policy is mandated by law, but it also benefits you and your workers. Suppose an employee should become sick or injured while at work, workers’ compensation will be there to pay for the medical bills. Without this insurance, you could face multiple lawsuits from sick or injured staff members who need their medical bills paid. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

The other mandatory commercial insurance policy for businesses is auto insurance. When any business owns a vehicle, it has to have a commercial policy. If a vehicle is used for business, personal auto insurance policies won’t cover it. And if the vehicle isn’t owned by the company itself but gets used for business reasons, personal auto insurance would likely not cover it. In that case, you need auto insurance called hired and non-owned. When your vehicles are covered properly, accidents that happen won’t sink your business due to its costs. 

Other Policies

There are other policies for businesses that are helpful but not required. Cyber liability insurance is needed if your business does a lot online or keeps data that could be breached. There is also business owners’ insurance that covers your general liability as well as commercial property insurance. 

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If you need insurance policies for your business, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan to make an appointment to speak with an agent. It may be one of the best things you ever do for your business.