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Is My College Student’s Apartment Covered by My Home Insurance Policy?

Your insurance policies generally cover your children while you claim them as dependents, and they are less than 27 years old. Your home insurance policy generally covers the property of a college student, but several additional limitations come into play, which are discussed below. If you need answers concerning your home or other insurance coverage, contact our Atlas Insurance Agency team serving Southeast Michigan.

Limits on Home Insurance Coverage of College Students

Home insurance policies generally cover your dependent child’s property while they are at college. Their computer, bicycle, and other personal belongings are covered against theft, vandalized, or other covered peril, as is their personal liability if they injure someone or damage property. However, most insurers only cover losses if the student lives on campus, and they may not cover a student living in a fraternity, sorority, or other housing that is not university-controlled.

Other issues limiting the coverage of college students include:

  • They generally must be full-time students, and some insurers set their age limits lower at 24 or 25.
  • Insurers often set relatively low limits on electronics, jewelry, and selected other items.
  • Many insurers limit coverage of "off-premise" property to 10% of your personal property limit.
  • The coverage of their belongings is subject to your standard deductible.

For college students, particularly those living off campus, it’s essential to consider the added protection of renters insurance. This type of insurance is often affordable and offers comparable coverage to what they would receive under a parent’s home policy.

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