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Required Auto Insurance in Michigan

Each state has its own laws about the type of auto insurance required for its drivers, and Michigan is a unique one with unusual requirements. If you have a vehicle, it’s a good idea to learn more about the many different types of coverage that the state requires. If you need auto insurance in Southeast Michigan, contact us at Atlas Insurance Agency to talk to our team about your specific needs. 

A No-Fault State

Michigan is classified as a no-fault state, meaning that if you are in an accident, you are responsible for your own medical bills no matter who set the accident in motion. Because of this, the state requires you to carry personal injury protection insurance, often called PIP. This coverage will pay for your medical bills associated with the accident. There are several PIP options available, so Michigan drivers choose how much coverage they want and need to stay legal.

Property Protection

This required type of insurance has a high maximum so that there is little chance of you having to pay out of pocket. The coverage pays for any damage caused by your vehicle when the accident happens within the state. It will also pay for damage that your vehicle causes to a parked vehicle. 

Residual Liability

This required liability coverage covers both bodily injury and property damage done by your vehicle. There are specific minimums for the amount of bodily injury coverage for each person who is either injured or killed. There is another mandatory minimum for the total amount for bodily injury for the total accident when it affects two or more people. The second part of this coverage is property damage liability. This part covers property damage that your vehicle causes when you are in a different state. 

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