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Michigan Commercial Insurance: What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

As a professional in Southeast Michigan, you may be looking for commercial insurance that is professional liability insurance. One important kind of professional liability insurance is errors and omissions insurance, or, E & O Insurance. This kind of insurance can be complex but generally protects you from any errors or omissions you might make when you are professionally serving clients or patients.

At Atlas Insurance Agency, we want Southeast Michigan professionals to feel protected against errors and omissions when they are at work.

Who is This Insurance For?

This insurance is for professionals that provide a service where an error or omission could be deadly or costly. The kinds of professionals that get this insurance include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals. 

In some cases, these professionals may make a mistake during the course of their work. That mistake could also be an omission.  This mistake could be disastrous and lead to a complaint or lawsuit. One lawsuit could cripple you, your career, and your entire future.

It won’t if you have commercial insurance that is errors and omissions protection.

What Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and omissions insurance covers problems that arise during the course of your professional duties. It could be negligence, an error you made during the course of your work, bad or incorrect advice, an omission, or a violation of good faith.

If any of these things happen, and you get sued, your E & O coverage in your commercial insurance policy will cover you. You may even win the case, but an E & O policy will help you get through it.

It’s a peace of mind policy when you are dealing with such important matters.

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At Atlas Insurance Agency we want professionals to feel secure when providing services to Southeast Michigan. Call us today for a quote when you are looking for commercial insurance.