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Taking Control of Commercial Insurance: What to Consider

Commercial insurance is an essential part of most business operations and can provide high-quality protection that will keep you safe. Our team at Atlas Insurance Agency can help your Southeast Michigan business find a policy that suits its needs and ensure that you stay successful.

Commercial Insurance: What to Consider

Your Coverage

A typical commercial insurance policy covers things like liability protection and property damage that occur at your company. However, you may also expand it to cover your vehicles, protect your employees after getting injured, and cover damage to your property. It all depends on what your facility needs and the various steps that you’re willing to take to ensure that you have the best policy option.

Potential Limitations

While commercial insurance policies will typically cover accidents and other types of problematic situations, there are some things that it won’t cover. Chief among them is anything done purposefully or with criminal intent. For example, if you suffer financial hardship because you are attempting to commit a crime or performed an illegal activity, your commercial insurance policy will pay nothing.

Premiums and Deductibles

When buying a commercial insurance policy, you may have varying premiums and deductibles based on your needs. You can typically expand your coverage with umbrella policies or other add-ons that make your coverage more comprehensive. Note that every additional option you add will increase your premium cost. Talk to your provider about balancing these factors to ensure you don’t pay too much money.

You Can Find a Great Policy

If you think that your business needs a high-quality commercial policy, and you aren’t sure who can help you, let us know at Atlas Insurance Agency. Our team serves the Southeast Michigan area and can provide high-quality policies that will give you the protection that you need to keep your business strong.