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Do I Need A Medical Exam to Get Life Insurance?

If you’re hoping to get life insurance, one of the questions you may have is whether you’re required to obtain a medical exam. At Atlas Insurance Agency, servicing Southeast Michigan, we can help. We offer many insurance products through a variety of insurance carriers. We can assist you in exploring the options and determining when to get a medical exam and when an exam is not required. 

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays beneficiaries when the insured dies. Life insurance comes in different types, including term and permanent.

Term life insurance is designed to last several years and will pay benefits while the policy is active. Permanent life insurance pays benefits as long as the policyholder continues to pay the premium. Which type of life insurance you should get depends on your goals and why you want this type of insurance. Your insurance agent can help answer your questions about this.

Do I Need a Medical Exam to Get Life Insurance?

Most of the time, insurance agencies require a medical exam to get life insurance. This exam is usually relatively simple but may require blood and urine samples. 

Some life insurance products no longer require medical exams. If this type of life insurance policy appeals to you, talk to your insurance agent. No-exam life insurance policies may offer less coverage, so you may still want to explore all the options before deciding. 

Have questions about life insurance? Are you thinking about getting it for yourself? Atlas Insurance Agency servicing Southeast Michigan can help. Call today to learn about our insurance products and get your questions answered. 

Can I Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

At Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, we work with our clients to plan for the future–especially the parts of it that may be difficult to consider in the present moment like when you may pass away and leave your loved ones behind to support themselves. You may be the main earner in the family. Alternatively, you simply might want to make sure that your family has everything they need after you’re gone. A life insurance policy can go a long way in providing some extra income to loved ones after you pass away. Sometimes, it’s even enough to cover essential expenses after you’ve passed through a death benefit. 

Sometimes, one life insurance policy may not seem like enough coverage for you to feel confident that your beneficiaries will have what they need after you’re deceased. In this case, you may think about the possibility of having more than one life insurance policy. While that could be helpful, the most important question is whether it’s doable from an insurance standpoint.

Can I Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

While every policy and situation has unique terms, limits, and conditions to consider, you may be able to hold more than one life insurance policy at a time if your policy and agency allow it. If you hold an existing life insurance policy with another agency or the same one, the second life insurance policy’s limits will almost certainly be impacted by the existing policy. All the life insurance policies will have to stay within the confines of your insurability limit. If having multiple life insurance policies matters to you, you should contact our team to explore potential coverage options.

For more information about our life insurance policies, call Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan today!

The Importance of Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance policies and other types of insurance coverage, the agents at the Atlas Insurance Agency work diligently to serve the residents of the Southeast Michigan area. There are many different types of life insurance policies, and we are taking a look at three of the most popular options.

While no one wants to think about passing away, it is a natural and inevitable part of life. Having a life insurance policy in place for your loved ones in the event of your death can help you have great peace of mind and contentment while you are still enjoying your life.

Life insurance policies are designed to help loved ones be able to pay for the mortgage, car payments, funeral expenses, and other expenses after someone dies.

Three Main Types of Life Insurance Policies

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a very popular choice for most people since it really has two parts to it. First of all, it is a life insurance policy that will pay out a certain amount of money to your beneficiaries upon your death. Secondly, it will allow you to withdraw money throughout your life so that you can pay off your mortgage, vehicle, and other things while you still have time to enjoy them. This also helps your loved ones if you can pay off several bills before you pass away. Even if you borrow money from this account, there still should be money left over to be paid out to your beneficiaries after you pass away.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance will only pay out a death benefit if the policyholder dies during the term in which the policy is in effect. For instance, if you have a 30-year term policy and you die within that term, your loved ones will receive a death benefit. If you die after the 30-year term limit is up, there will be no payout unless you renew your policy for another term.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance will pay out a death benefit to your loved ones after he passes away. Whole life insurance is divided into three different types of insurance, including universal life, variable universal life, and traditional whole life.

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Types of Life Insurance

For everyone who has loved ones who depend on them, it’s important to have life insurance so that they are taken care of after you are gone. With life insurance, you can leave something behind so that those loved ones aren’t left struggling. There are two primary types of life insurance that you can choose from when picking your life insurance policy. To get started with life insurance, call us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan.

Types of Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance Policies

These policies are named for how long they last. With one of these policies, it will last for your whole life long no matter what age you reach. When you have a whole life policy, it is more expensive than the other primary type of life insurance, but it offers a lot of protection. It never expires as long s you keep paying your insurance premiums. This type of policy also builds up a value that you can eventually borrow against should you need to. This can offer you great peace of mind in case of an emergency. 

Term Life Insurance Policies

This type of policy is also named for how long it lasts. When you have a term life policy, it is in effect for a specific term. This may be 10 years, 20 years, etc. Once that term is over, the policy expires. Many people don’t like the idea of their policy expiring and having to apply for new insurance when that happens, but these policies tend to be low-cost. They are a more affordable choice, and many people find that this is the type that will fit within their budgets. 

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Is life insurance necessary for burial expenses?

The Atlas Insurance Agency is here to serve the insurance needs of the Southeast Michigan community, including your family. If you would like to learn more about life insurance and how it can help defray the cost of burial expenses, give us a call today.

Benefits of using life insurance for burial expenses

Losing a spouse can be a traumatic experience, no matter when it happens. Many people think about life insurance as an effective tool to protect young families, but it can be helpful for people of all ages.

The amount of the cost of burial expenses can vary from situation to situation. However, it is an expense that can be unexpected if there is an untimely death in the family. When someone dies, in addition to the grief that accompanies your loss, you may also be dealing with the stress of medical bills.

When you are able to use life insurance to cover burial expenses, it can be a relief during a very trying time. Life insurance can be paid out immediately upon receipt of a death certificate. This means that you won’t have to scramble for the funds. Accessing savings during this time can also increase your stress.

Having a life insurance policy in place for burial and other end-of-life expenses can help your family during a very difficult time. Financial concerns can become a serious source of stress when there is an extended illness that includes a lot of medical expenses. When a death is unexpected, you may not have funds available.

Find out more about covering burial expenses today

If you are in the greater Southeast Michigan community and have questions about life insurance, you can turn to the Atlas Insurance Agency. Call or stop by our office today!

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Life Insurance?

At Atlas Insurance Agency, we serve Southeast Michigan with many types of insurance. For example, we provide life insurance for many people, including those with pre-existing conditions. But how can these diseases impact your policy and its execution? Would you please read on to learn more about what kind of conditions may affect your policy and how you can prepare for this issue?

How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Life Insurance 

If you have any health troubles before you get a life insurance policy, it is essential to let your policy provider know. They’ll adjust your policy accordingly or ask you to get a medical screening before giving you a policy. In addition, you may have some limitations on your policy, though this fact is rarer now than it was in the past. Just a few pre-existing conditions to watch for include: 

  • Heart-related problems, like high cholesterol or blood pressure 
  • Obesity as defined by your insurance provider 
  • Specific mental health problems, like depression or anxiety 
  • GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • AIDS or other auto-immune conditions 
  • Cancers of just about any type 

When buying your policy, you’ll have to understand that your pre-existing conditions may affect the length of your insurance term and much more. So make sure that you work directly with your provider to find the type of policy option that seems to make the most sense for your current health needs.

Getting a Policy You Can Trust 

If you have a pre-existing condition in Southeast Michigan and want a life insurance policy that makes sense for your needs, please reach out to us at Atlas Insurance Agency right away to learn more. Our team will sit down with you and figure out what kind of policy makes sense. And we’ll do what we can to adjust our coverage to suit your pre-existing conditions and their unique impact.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance.

Atlas Insurance Agency serves Southeast Michigan with veritable insurance services for all aspects of life. Many people keep their property well insured but put off life insurance. If you have been on the fence about life insurance for you and your family members, here are a few frequently asked questions that may clarify the decision.

Life Insurance FAQs

  • Who needs life insurance? It may come as a surprise that all people need at least some life insurance. Even if you have no dependents, a basic policy can cover your funeral care. If you have any dependents, then enough coverage to cover any bills you pay and your funeral is important. Even children need basic coverage for the unthinkable.  
  • How do I choose a beneficiary? If you are married, then your spouse is an obvious choice. If you are unmarried, your parents or a trusted sibling can be left as a beneficiary to anything remaining after your death expenses. 
  • When should I purchase additional insurance? As your life changes, your life insurance may need to change as well. For example, if you started a business and have employees, it is good to purchase a policy to protect your company. If you just had a baby or got married, you will likely want to upgrade your coverage and update your beneficiary. There are many situations where you will want to protect those around you in case of your demise financially. 

If you live in our around Southeast Michigan, contact us at Atlas Insurance Agency to discuss your life insurance policy options. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may discover purchasing a policy is much simpler than you expected. Call today.