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How Umbrella Insurance Works

An umbrella policy isn’t just a stand-alone insurance product. Instead, it operates hand-in-hand with your existing home and auto insurance policies. If ever you find yourself in scenarios where the coverage from your primary insurance falls short, umbrella insurance can serve as a safety net to cover the rest. Let us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan acquaint you with the potent benefits of supplementing your existing coverage with an umbrella policy.

The Importance Of Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is critical when you’re liable for someone else’s medical bills or other expenses resulting from an accident. While your home and auto policies already include different types of liability coverage, they often come with limitations. Suppose you’re involved in a serious accident or a visitor gets injured at your home. The associated expenses may exceed your policy’s liability coverage in these instances. This is where an umbrella insurance policy can truly shine, offering additional liability coverage at a much lower cost than augmenting the liability coverage of your existing auto or home insurance.

Umbrella Insurance In Action

Picture a scenario where an accident occurs, and you’re held liable for the ensuing expenses and damages. Your primary auto or home insurance will promptly investigate the incident and compensate for the damages. However, serious accidents tend to result in costs that far exceed your policy’s liability limit. At this point, your umbrella insurance comes into play, covering these excess charges. The coverage provided by umbrella insurance can save you from significant financial setbacks following a severe accident. Therefore, it’s substantial to maintain these policies as part of your risk management strategies.

Procuring Umbrella Insurance

If you’re considering umbrella insurance to add that extra layer of liability protection, we’re here to guide you. Contact us at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, and we’ll help secure your financial future with a comprehensive umbrella insurance policy.