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Do I Need Auto Insurance to Buy a Car?

If you’re driving a car, the law requires you to have the minimum level of car insurance. But do you need auto insurance to buy a car? At Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, we can help answer these questions and others. Buying a car can be stressful, but the process can be less stressful overall if you’re working with the experts at Atlas Insurance Agency. 

Is Insurance a Requirement to Buy a Car?

You do not have to have insurance to buy a car. However, you do need to have insurance to drive the car off the car lot. If this is your first vehicle and you do not yet have car insurance, you can buy car insurance while you’re on the lot. The car dealership may allow you to use their phones or computers to shop for auto insurance if you do not have your phone handy. 

If you already have a car insurance company in mind, buy your vehicle during your insurance company’s office hours to ensure that you’re able to get an agent on the phone. 

If you already have car insurance when you’re buying a vehicle, you will be given a grace period to add that new vehicle to your insurance policy. Your car salesperson can tell you how long that grace period is. 

How Can I Show Proof I Have Auto Insurance?

A hard copy of your insurance policy is best, but if you don’t have a hard copy, your car dealership may accept digital proof or faxed proof that you have car insurance. These requirements vary from one dealership to another, so talk to your dealership while you’re buying the vehicle.

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