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Will A Speeding Ticket Increase My Auto Insurance?

Receiving a speeding ticket is never fun and to top it all off – your insurance is also likely to increase. Insurance companies use a complicated algorithm to determine your risk factor. Excessive speeding as evidenced by tickets, frequent claims due to accidents, your age, and much more all factor into how much your auto insurance premium is. To keep your insurance costs as low as possible, you’ll want to avoid doing anything that could put yourself, your passengers, or other people at risk. 

If you’ve received a speeding ticket, then it is all but guaranteed that your insurance will increase. Although it can vary from state to state, insurance typically increases about 25% in the period immediately following the ticket being reported. If you do receive a ticket, you’ve got a few options to avoid it increasing your auto insurance premium. One option may be to fight the ticket in court if you believe it was given to you erroneously or you have a valid and justifiable reason that a judge believes for why you were speeding. 

At the end of the day, the best way to maintain an affordable auto insurance policy is to operate your vehicle safely. While you can’t control what other drivers are doing on the road, you are in control of what you do and doing simple things like following the speed limit, avoiding being on your phone and obeying all traffic signs will keep you safe while also keeping your insurance premium at an affordable rate. 

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