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What does commercial insurance cover?

Atlas Insurance Agency has been serving the Southeast Michigan area business owners with all their commercial insurance needs. We are here to answer all your related queries. 

What does commercial insurance cover?

Commercial insurance covers many of the same areas as personal insurance, but it also has a few key differences.

One of the major differences is that commercial insurance typically covers more than just personal property. For example, most types of commercial insurance cover business equipment, tools, and supplies – things like computers, manufacturing equipment, office furniture, etc. They may also cover buildings or vehicles that are used for business purposes.

Most commercial policies will also include liability coverage in case your business is ever sued for causing damage to someone else’s property or injuring an employee or customer. This coverage can be crucial for protecting you from costly lawsuits if anything goes wrong at your place of business.

A key difference between personal and commercial policies is the types of risks they cover. Personal insurance policies are typically designed to cover a wide range of possible scenarios, so their premiums tend to be higher. Commercial insurance policies, on the other hand, focus on specific risk areas and tend to have lower premiums as a result.

As you can see, commercial insurance provides protection for many of the same things as personal insurance – but with a few key differences. If your business is growing or changing in any way, it’s important to make sure that your coverage also changes accordingly. Consulting with an experienced commercial insurer can help ensure that you have all the coverage that you need for your particular situation.

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