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Three rules you should follow when you purchase auto insurance

Choosing an auto insurance policy is one of the important things you need to do as a motorist. If you’re a motorist in Southeast Michigan, you can come to us at Atlas Insurance Agency to meet your auto insurance needs. 

The following are three rules that you’ll want to follow when you purchase auto insurance:

Understand the coverage requirements in your state

Every state has its own auto insurance requirements that motorists must meet.

In Michigan, there are four types of auto insurance coverage that are required: personal injury protection, property protection, bodily injury liability, and property damage. You need to have an adequate amount of all these coverage types in your policy. 

Make sure you have collision coverage on your policy

In addition to meeting the basic requirements in Michigan, you should also have collision coverage added to your policy. With collision coverage, you can enjoy reimbursement for repairs if your own vehicle becomes damaged in an accident. 

Be aware of add-on coverage options that may come in handy

There are plenty of add-on coverages that are really important to have if you end up in an accident and need to file a claim. You probably should have comprehensive coverage, gap insurance coverage, new car replacement coverage, and rental car coverage on your policy to minimize the negative consequences you face after an accident. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

Let us be your auto insurance provider of choice in Southeast Michigan. Are you ready to get a quote on an auto insurance policy? At Atlas Insurance Agency, we can offer you a quote on a policy that will meet your needs and protect you financially when you’re behind the wheel.