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When is the best time to review your home policy?

Home insurance is something that needs to be reviewed regularly. Your life doesn’t stay the same and your home insurance shouldn’t either, it needs to be updated. At Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, we take your insurance needs seriously and as independent insurance agents, we can do the work of finding the right carrier and policy for you. 

Most home insurance policies renew yearly. At the very least, you should review your policy yearly. When you get the new policy, it has a declaration page on the front. This is a synopsis of your policy all on one page. How much your replacement cost for your home is, your liability coverage, your deductible, and any endorsements you have added. It also lists your content coverage and with some digging, you should be able to figure out exactly what type of content coverage you have. 

Do the amounts of coverage that you have make sense with what you know about your home and your neighborhood? Does the liability coverage protect you with enough coverage? If you have added a dog to your family or have a pool, you may want to increase your liability coverage. Do you have teens who may make bad decisions? Extra liability is a good idea and maybe even an umbrella policy. 

If you have done repairs to your home that have increased its value or if you have added extra square footage, be sure that your insurance agent is aware of these changes. Some changes you make can save you money like adding a new roof, a home security system, or wired smoked detectors. Talking to your independent insurance agent about your home and your coverage will allow you to make necessary adjustments. 

Contact Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan when you are ready to review your home insurance coverage. 

Do I need to have a recreational insurance plan in Michigan?

Those that are in the Southeast Michigan area will find that there are a lot of recreational parks, trails, and other active areas that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors for much of the year. A way that you can enjoy these areas as much as possible is by investing in your own recreational toys. If you are going to get a recreational toy here, having the right insurance is important. You should consider recreational insurance a necessity for several reasons.

Insurance will Protect Asset

An important reason to have recreational insurance is so you can protect your core assets. Any recreational toy owner will want to know they can enjoy their asset for a long time. With the right coverage, you can ensure that this happens. A recreational insurance plan will give support if you incur many forms of loss including theft, accidental damage, or vandalism. 

Insurance Offers Liability Support

While you should be safe and cautious when using any recreational toy, there are still situations in which you can cause an accident. If this happens, you could be found liable for any bodily injury or property damage that you cause. Fortunately, you can mitigate this risk by getting recreational insurance as it will offer liability insurance. This type of coverage could be required to use your recreational toy and asset in certain areas.

Having a recreational toy in the Southeast Michigan area can be a great investment for anyone. Those who are looking to purchase one should make sure that they call the Atlas Insurance Agency to discuss their insurance needs. The Atlas Insurance Agency can continue to provide the support you need to assess your insurance options and build a recreational insurance plan that meets your needs.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

A unique kind of insurance, umbrella insurance helps you to have more liability coverage for other policies. It’s a great way to have better protection against a wide range of accidents. If you’re interested in umbrella insurance, give us a call at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan.

Protection for Home Liability

If you own a home, you likely have a home insurance policy. That policy includes coverage for your liability in your home. If a third party were to come into your home and have an accident there, you could be held responsible for the medical bills. Your home insurance policy has coverage for your liability in these cases, but it’s usually a fairly low amount. With umbrella insurance, you get extra liability protection that is added to the amount in your home insurance policy.

Protection for Automotive Liability

Umbrella insurance works with your auto insurance just as it does with your home insurance. You are legally required in Michigan to have liability coverage in your auto insurance, but is it enough? Medical bills and property damage costs are at an all-time high. Medical bills can be especially steep. If you don’t have enough liability coverage in your auto insurance, you’re simply responsible for paying the overage. When you have umbrella insurance, there is liability insurance added to your auto policy.

How It Works

When someone has an accident with your vehicle or in your home, your auto or home insurance will pay for the resulting costs, but only up to its stated maximum. After that, your umbrella insurance steps in and takes care of the rest up to its own, very high maximum. This can save you from paying thousands for bills that result from an accident. 

Umbrella Insurance Policies

If you want to know more about umbrella insurance, give us a call at Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan.

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Life Insurance?

At Atlas Insurance Agency, we serve Southeast Michigan with many types of insurance. For example, we provide life insurance for many people, including those with pre-existing conditions. But how can these diseases impact your policy and its execution? Would you please read on to learn more about what kind of conditions may affect your policy and how you can prepare for this issue?

How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Life Insurance 

If you have any health troubles before you get a life insurance policy, it is essential to let your policy provider know. They’ll adjust your policy accordingly or ask you to get a medical screening before giving you a policy. In addition, you may have some limitations on your policy, though this fact is rarer now than it was in the past. Just a few pre-existing conditions to watch for include: 

  • Heart-related problems, like high cholesterol or blood pressure 
  • Obesity as defined by your insurance provider 
  • Specific mental health problems, like depression or anxiety 
  • GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • AIDS or other auto-immune conditions 
  • Cancers of just about any type 

When buying your policy, you’ll have to understand that your pre-existing conditions may affect the length of your insurance term and much more. So make sure that you work directly with your provider to find the type of policy option that seems to make the most sense for your current health needs.

Getting a Policy You Can Trust 

If you have a pre-existing condition in Southeast Michigan and want a life insurance policy that makes sense for your needs, please reach out to us at Atlas Insurance Agency right away to learn more. Our team will sit down with you and figure out what kind of policy makes sense. And we’ll do what we can to adjust our coverage to suit your pre-existing conditions and their unique impact.

The Best Way to Shop for Auto Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is never an easy or enjoyable experience. Thankfully, we at Atlas Insurance Agency can help Southeast Michigan residents get the coverage they need using the simple process below.

Prepare Your Information 

When shopping for car insurance, you’ll need information like the VIN, the manufacturer, the year, model, mileage, and other information about your vehicle. You’ll also need your driver’s license numbers and information about policies that you’ve held in the past. 

Know What You Want 

Do you want a comprehensive coverage option or just an essential liability coverage choice? Do you want gap policies to cover your liability limitations? Long before you buy any policies, you need to understand these factors to ensure that you get the option that makes the most sense. 

Talk Directly to the Insurance Provider 

While you might find it is easier to buy online without talking to the provider, it is almost always a better idea to speak directly to the company offering you the coverage. Doing so will help make it easier to answer any questions you may have and minimize any complications. 

Discuss Potential Discount Options 

You might be surprised to discover that many insurance companies will provide discounts to people who do things like install anti-theft devices, take defensive driving courses, or have a high credit score. Talk to your provider before you buy a policy to learn more. 

Finding a Policy That Makes Sense 

As you can see, it isn’t too hard to find an insurance policy as long as you take the time to research your options. So please contact us at Atlas Insurance Agency if you live in Southeast Michigan. Our team will do what they can to provide you with the high-quality coverage that you need.

Michigan Commercial Insurance: What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

As a professional in Southeast Michigan, you may be looking for commercial insurance that is professional liability insurance. One important kind of professional liability insurance is errors and omissions insurance, or, E & O Insurance. This kind of insurance can be complex but generally protects you from any errors or omissions you might make when you are professionally serving clients or patients.

At Atlas Insurance Agency, we want Southeast Michigan professionals to feel protected against errors and omissions when they are at work.

Who is This Insurance For?

This insurance is for professionals that provide a service where an error or omission could be deadly or costly. The kinds of professionals that get this insurance include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals. 

In some cases, these professionals may make a mistake during the course of their work. That mistake could also be an omission.  This mistake could be disastrous and lead to a complaint or lawsuit. One lawsuit could cripple you, your career, and your entire future.

It won’t if you have commercial insurance that is errors and omissions protection.

What Does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and omissions insurance covers problems that arise during the course of your professional duties. It could be negligence, an error you made during the course of your work, bad or incorrect advice, an omission, or a violation of good faith.

If any of these things happen, and you get sued, your E & O coverage in your commercial insurance policy will cover you. You may even win the case, but an E & O policy will help you get through it.

It’s a peace of mind policy when you are dealing with such important matters.

Get a Quote

At Atlas Insurance Agency we want professionals to feel secure when providing services to Southeast Michigan. Call us today for a quote when you are looking for commercial insurance.

Things your home insurance won’t cover

Owning a home is the American dream. It does come, however, with an increased level of risk. Your home insurance is what helps to mitigate some of the risks you are living with. You probably feel pretty safe with your home insurance protecting you. Some risks, however, are not covered by your home insurance; they are listed in the exclusions on your policy. At Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan, we have helped thousands of people to find the right insurance for their needs. 


Floods are catastrophic natural disasters. They cause an immense amount of devastation every year. When rivers, streams, and the ocean rises and rolls over the land, there isn’t any way to avoid the damage. If you are counting on your home insurance to protect you, you will be disappointed. Floods are not covered by home insurance. Luckily, you can buy flood insurance, and if you live somewhere with flood potential, it is a necessity. 

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are some of the things that your home insurance may not cover. What will determine the coverage is the cause of the mold and mildew. To be covered, it must be caused by a hazard that the policy covers. So if it is caused by flooding, it won’t be covered. 

Earth movement

Most people think of earthquakes when they think of earth movement. But there are several other types of earth movement that are also excluded by home insurance. You won’t be covered for a sinkhole on your property or a mudslide. You can, however, buy a policy to cover it. 

Sewer backup

This is a nasty thought, but it isn’t covered without a special endorsement on your home policy. 

Contact Atlas Insurance Agency in Southeast Michigan when you require home insurance. 

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance in Southeast Michigan?

Do I really need umbrella insurance? This is one of the most common questions asked by our Southeast Michigan clients looking for liability coverage. The answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. If you want to find out more, keep reading on as Atlas Insurance Agency helps you understand whether you need umbrella insurance.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is the extra liability insurance that takes over when your current liability coverages run out. Yes, you might have auto, home, or boat insurance, but they can only protect you up to a certain limit. In case of significant claims, these coverages are likely to run out, putting your assets at stake.  

Do you need umbrella insurance?

To determine if you need umbrella insurance, here are some questions to consider.

  • Do you own a pet that can bite?
  • Are you or your family member in the social media space?
  • Do you participate in risky hobbies like hunting or skiing?
  • Do you own significant investments?
  • Are you a youth coach?
  • Do you own a vehicle or a boat?

If your answer is yes, then you need umbrella insurance to protect you when faced with significant liability claims. With lawsuits rising in America, you need an extra layer of liability protection beyond your typical liability coverages. This way, your assets are safeguarded against liabilities not covered by your current liabilities.

Umbrella insurance exclusions

Umbrella insurance covers you against many perils but won’t protect you against the below:

  • Injury to oneself
  • Damage to own property
  • Intentional or criminal acts
  • Liabilities arising from unfulfilled contractual obligations

Get umbrella insurance today

Are you looking for umbrella insurance to boost your liability coverages in Southeast Michigan? Contact Atlas Insurance Agency, and one of our team members will help you choose umbrella insurance that protects you and your loved ones. 

A Thorough Overview Of Recreational Insurance

Atlas Insurance Agency offers coverage to Southeast Michigan residents. We offer our clients custom policies designed to meet their individual needs. We have established partnerships with multiple carriers across the region.

Recreational Insurance Overview

Many Southeast Michigan residents own recreational vehicles. With such a wide variety, you can use them all year long. Recreational insurance can help you protect your investment.

Foundational Coverage

Primarily, your recreational insurance policy protects against any damage sustained in an accident or incident. You can opt for more comprehensive coverage, which covers your vehicle if it is stolen or vandalized. Comprehensive coverage also protects your vehicle if it is damaged due to a fire or another type of natural disaster. Liability coverage is also important. Operating these recreational vehicles can be risky depending on the conditions. Liability coverage protects you if you cause damage to someone’s property. You are also covered if a passenger on your vehicle suffers injuries. Due to the high risk involved with operating many of these vehicles, consider adding umbrella coverage. That adds an extra layer of protection if you eventually have to deal with a liability dispute.

Recreational Vehicle Types

Recreational vehicles appeal to every season. During warm months, you can take your boat out by the lake to have some fun. During snowy winters, you can head to the park on your snowmobile. Motor homes are another popular type of recreational vehicle.


During seasons when you aren’t using your recreational vehicle, you’ll likely put it up in a storage facility. Storage coverage protects your vehicle if anything happens to it. Just because you aren’t using your vehicle, that doesn’t mean you should drop your coverage. Accidents can happen at any time.

Atlas Insurance Agency Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Visit our website to learn more information about recreational insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance.

Atlas Insurance Agency serves Southeast Michigan with veritable insurance services for all aspects of life. Many people keep their property well insured but put off life insurance. If you have been on the fence about life insurance for you and your family members, here are a few frequently asked questions that may clarify the decision.

Life Insurance FAQs

  • Who needs life insurance? It may come as a surprise that all people need at least some life insurance. Even if you have no dependents, a basic policy can cover your funeral care. If you have any dependents, then enough coverage to cover any bills you pay and your funeral is important. Even children need basic coverage for the unthinkable.  
  • How do I choose a beneficiary? If you are married, then your spouse is an obvious choice. If you are unmarried, your parents or a trusted sibling can be left as a beneficiary to anything remaining after your death expenses. 
  • When should I purchase additional insurance? As your life changes, your life insurance may need to change as well. For example, if you started a business and have employees, it is good to purchase a policy to protect your company. If you just had a baby or got married, you will likely want to upgrade your coverage and update your beneficiary. There are many situations where you will want to protect those around you in case of your demise financially. 

If you live in our around Southeast Michigan, contact us at Atlas Insurance Agency to discuss your life insurance policy options. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may discover purchasing a policy is much simpler than you expected. Call today.